About Classy - My Story

This page is about my personal story, opinion and goals about Classy and its future with every possible outcome.

So a few years ago I dropped my phone and it fell apart and thought about buying a protective phone case to prevent accidents like that from happening again. I was already a business enthusiast and was thinking "What if I created something that is not only a phone case?"

I (the owner) founded Classy to have a brand with a personality. To embrace a part of my personality through a brand. I don't see that often. I want Classy to be everyone's big sister. The wise, the funny, the reliable. The one that's always there. I want Classy to be able to change someone's mood, their lifestyle or their confidence level. I believe that brands have the power to do that.

I don't want people to look at Classy as just a brand. I want them to see it as more like a person, or at least a brand with something special about it. I want y'all to love Classy for not just its amazing quality or funky designs, but for all of that together, and especially: the community.

I want to create a community. A group of people that are caring, loving and kind. That are funny and able to look at every situation with a light in their eyes. That are able to find laughter in every moment. People that don't judge, and most importantly: people that know their worth and don't think they're less or more.

Believe it or not, these people exist. (Or at least people that try.) You, the reader might be one of them. You don't have to be perfect, but just by trying, you can make a difference. Classy is there to remind you to keep changing for the person you want to be.

Whether you're black or white, asian or australian, girl or boy and so on... One thing is a certain fact about you. You got style. I want Classy to create a community of diverse people, cultures, appearances, but the same heart and the same attitude towards life. A good one of course.

Well, please excuse my amateur writing skills. I hope I could give y'all a glimse of Classy's inspiration and goal. I hope you have a wonderful day! Have fun shopping!