Be unique and protect your phone with Little Avocados Tough Case!

Little Avocados Tough Case features one of the healthiest and kindest fruits, AVOCADOS! Avocados are not only very delicious, but they also help a lot with digestion. But mainly: they look awesome especially on phone cases! Hop on the avocado wave and grab your Avocado Case now!

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  • Tough Cases

    Tough Cases are very protective and consist of two layers, a silicone and a tough plastic layer. They protect from scratches, big falls and additional danger sources. If you drop your phone a lot and would like to protect your beautiful treasure, tough cases are definitely the best option for you!

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  • Biodegradable Cases

    Biodegradable cases are an ECO-friendly way to live your live and decorate and protect your phone. They are made out of recycled materials and are compostable, therefore extremely friendly with the environment. Our friend, the Earth is struggling because of us. Why not try to help it a little bit by such small things? Remember though, small things add up.... Be ECO, be hero!

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  • Clear Cases

    Clear cases offer the same level of protection as flexi cases. They are a great addition to your phone if you already like your phone's back color but would like to spice it up a little bit. They are a perfect way to decorate your cutie.

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  • Pink Flexi Case with Cauliflower drawing on it

    Flexi Cases

    Flexi cases give moderate protection. They are perfect against scratches and small drops. If your phone is sturdy and thick, it may tolerate drops better than lightly-built ones. A flexi case is a great way to protect it from the small drops and additional scratches and give it a full fall and scratch resistance. However, if your phone breaks or falls easily, we would recommend going for tough cases. Flexi cases are extremely decorational as well.

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